Mahzooz Draw | Live Results Today

The results of today’s Mahzooz draw and the list of prize-winning numbers are shown below.

It’s a lottery platform based in the UAE that can make you rich in seconds by testing your luck. Please review this organization’s slogan, how to enter their weekly draws, and what positive purposes they serve in addition to fulfilling the dreams of hundreds of people all over the world every week. This article contains the Mahzooz Draw Results for each week, which are updated on this page.

Mahzooz is a lottery game available in the UAE every Saturday at 9 p.m. The event ticket costs AED 35 and all proceeds will go to charity. We all want to win a lottery game that will change our lives in the blink of an eye, because as humans, we like to achieve success quickly. We will show you how to enter and play the Mahzooz lottery game.

Table of Contents

  1. Mahzooz Draw (Emirates Lotto UAE)
  2. Mahzooz Draw Results Today
  3. Fantastic Friday Epic Draw Result Previous Results
  4. Grand Draw Result Previous Results
  5. Raffle Draw Previous Results
  6. Grand prize of the Mahzooz
  7. How can we check the results of the Mahzooz draw?
  8. Guide to Entering in Mahzooz Lottery
  9. Mahzooz Winning Numbers Criteria
  10. Method to access the Mahzooz Raffle ID for Raffle Draw
  11. Criteria for participation in Mahzooz Lucky Draw
  12. Mahzooz App
  13. How to add credit to Mahzooz account by using the app?
  14. How much tax can you pay on winning a Mahzooz lottery in UAE?
  15. Relevant FAQ
  16. Conclusions

Mahzooz Draw (Emirates Lotto UAE)

You can try your luck and win millions of dirhams every week on Mahzooz, formerly known as Emirates Lotto. Make dreams come true with Mahzooz, reads the company’s tagline. Living by it actually provides hundreds of fortunate people with enormous sums of money to satisfy their unfulfilled aspirations.

Mahzooz Draw | Live Results Today Winning Numbers

Although the UAE is an Islamic nation, many people assume it adheres to Islamic law, which forbids gambling and other related activities. Due to Dubai’s Islamic background, certain linked lotteries and competitions operated by nonprofit groups and operators are permitted by law.

Also, they are committed to making sizable gifts for charitable causes. They have given millions of dirhams to charities, children with special needs, explosion victims, and cancer patients.

Mahzooz Draw Results Today

See the most recent Fantastic Friday Epic Draw Results from this Friday’s 8 p.m. drawing.

Fantastic Friday Epic Draw Result


19 31 | 32 33 | 37

The latest Grand Draw Result of Mahzooz is held on this Saturday at 9 pm.

Grand Draw Result


12 19 26 | 29 38

The Mahzooz winning numbers of this week’s Raffle draw declared online are below.

Raffle Draw Results



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Fantastic Friday Epic Draw Result Previous Results

DateMain Draw Result
03-03-2023 4 | 19 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 37

Grand Draw Result Previous Results

DateMain Draw Result
03-06-202314 | 33 | 34 | 44 | 47

Raffle Draw Previous Results

DateMain Draw Result

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Grand prize of the Mahzooz

For matching the precise six digits, the Mahzooz’s current grand prize is approximately 10 million dirhams. However, in a circumstance where multiple people stand in the same number, the prize money will be split equally between them.

How can we check the results of the Mahzooz draw?

Every Saturday at 9 p.m., the Mahzooz draw results will be live on their Facebook page and YouTube channel; they will also be announced on the official websites. Furthermore, previous results and winners can be found on their Facebook page and website. On this page, you can also see the live Mahzooz draw results.

Guide to Entering in Mahzooz Lottery

Follow the steps outlined below to successfully register for the next lucky draw and become a lucky Mahzooz winner. If you did not sign up, you must Create Mahzooz Account to be eligible for the draw.

  1. Sign up or log in to your account on their official website.
  2. At the top of the menu, select the Play option.
  3. Then, click the Buy Now button.
  4. You must select the number of bottles you wish to donate here. Finally, add them to your shopping cart. Remember that one bottle equals one entry in the Raffle Draw and one line in the Grand Draw.
  5. Choose any five numbers based on your intuition for each line. Add the selected bars to your shopping cart.
  6. It’s time to pay now. Click on the Check Out option to make the payment.
  7. You have successfully registered for the Mahzooz lottery. Now, just wait for the lucky draw to take place at the Mahzooz live show.
  8. Become a Mahzooz champion. They will send you a message, and the winning amount will be automatically credited to your account.

Note: Payment can be made using either a credit balance or a credit card.

Mahzooz Winning Numbers Criteria

If your chosen numbers match the winning numbers, you will win the Mahzooz prize. Take a look at the following details about the Mahzooz Grand Draw winning criteria:

  • Assume that all five numbers chosen correspond to the winning numbers. In that case, you will be awarded a minimum of 10 million Dirhams along with the other top winners.
  • Assume that four out of five numbers match the winning numbers. In that case, you will split at least 1 million Dirhams with other winners based on similar criteria.
  • If you match three numbers, you will win a single prize of 350 Dirhams.

Method to access the Mahzooz Raffle ID for Raffle Draw

Once you’ve logged into Mahzooz on your phone, you’ll be able to see the Raffle ID alongside the five numbers you’ve chosen to be entered in the lucky draw.

A raffle Draw similar to Grand Draw is held every Saturday at 9 pm (UAE time). A random number generator application is used to generate three different Raffle IDs. If the generated numbers match the figures in their Raffle ID, the winner receives 100,000 Dirhams.

Criteria for participation in Mahzooz Lucky Draw

While joining the draw at Mahzooz, there are precise guidelines to follow. According to these regulations, a specific set of persons cannot participate in their drawings. As follows:

  • shareholders, the management, or any of his staff members at Mahzooz Manager.
  • Any official from the government or a neutral arbitrator.
  • Contractor or consultant for the management of the draw’s security, audit, or insurance measures.
  • An individual who is a member of the individuals’ personal family.
  • A citizen of any prohibited nation or a prohibited person.

Mahzooz App

Since then, Mahzooz has grown to be a sizable platform and has rewarded countless winners their winning sums promptly and honestly. Also, it is expanding quickly; right now, you can even access the Mahzooz lottery platform through a mobile phone application. Both Android and iOS users can download the Mahzooz app. Download the app, then enjoy trying your luck in a more structured manner!

How to add credit to Mahzooz account by using the app?

You can add a debit or credit balance to play Mahzooz draw or donate Water bottles in a few simple steps. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. If you already have an account, open the app and log in; otherwise, create a new one.
  2. using the app Click the “My Account” link.
  3. Choose “Add Credit Balance” from the menu.
  4. Put the amount you want to add here.
  5. If you are using a new credit card, select your payment option now.
  6. You’ll get an email or SMS when the amount is confirmed.

How much tax can you pay on winning a Mahzooz lottery in UAE?

There is no tax on winning or participating in the Mahzooz draw because the UAE does not levy any taxes on its residents. Still, if you are not a resident and came from another country, you should consult a reputable and well-known lawyer to learn about the laws that apply to you in your home country. We always recommend you participate in the draw, maybe this is the time of your luck, that will make you the next Millionaire of Mahzooz.

Relevant FAQ

Does Mahzooz offer any customer support services?

Yes, Mahzooz’s customer service is extremely responsive. These are some examples:
1- Phone help is available at 800 5825, the UAE’s toll-free number, or +971 4 588 0100 for non-citizens.
2- Contact us via email at

How to withdraw Mahzooz’s winning amount?

Either add your winnings to your Mahzooz Credit Balance or take the money right away in cash.

Where can I watch Mahzooz live Raffle Draw?

Every Saturday at 9 p.m. (UAE), Mahzooz conducts a live programme that is broadcast on their official website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

Which currency is accepted at Mahzooz for the purchase of products?

Mahzooz only accepts UAE dirhams for all of its transactions. The prize money is given out in the same currency.

Can non-UAE residents participate in the Mahzooz lottery?

The Grand and Raffle draws held at Mahzooz are open to participants from all over the world.

What are the Mahzooz results today?

Mahzooz’s lucky draw only takes place on Saturdays, thus fresh results are released every week.


Here is all the information you need to know about the Mahzooz draw and its grand prize amount. It would be great if you never forget that, whether or not you win, the money you spend on this event will always go to the proper people. Whatever your financial situation, give a little to get a better night’s sleep. Don’t be afraid to take a chance.

Mahzooz is a fantastic platform that helps people win huge sums of money to simultaneously realize their ambitions and contribute to the good cause of charity. Also, you may support their worthwhile cause because every item you buy will result in a donation.

Also, every thing you buy puts you one step closer to changing your life forever by winning a sizable sum of money. You may have a general understanding of the platform’s operation from the Mahzooz draw outcomes, and you have nearly three possibilities to win for each chosen set of five numbers.