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Emirates National Oil Company ENOC Job Vacancies

Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) is hiring in Dubai. ENOC Careers Dubai has a variety of job vacancies for both fresh graduates and highly skilled candidates with oil and gas industry experience. Working with ENOC is always the best choice for a large number of multinational employees. Apply now for ENOC Job Vacancies if you have been working in the oil and gas industry and want to take advantage of better chances and opportunities to polish and advance your career.

For your convenience, we are announcing the most recent ENOC Careers Dubai and Job Vacancies. Apply now for ENOC job openings and begin your career with the Emirates National Oil Company. Don’t pass up this chance to get the right job at ENOC.

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ENOC Job Vacancy 2023

As you are aware, there are numerous advantages to working for the government in Dubai. ENOC is a Dubai-based state-owned oil and gas company. This is a direct recruitment by the Dubai Government’s ENOC company. Emirates National Oil Company is conducting free recruitment for various departments. If you are a college graduate who specialises in a specific oil and gas sector or are just starting your career, ENOC Careers Dubai has numerous opportunities for you.

ENOC Jobs in Dubai For Freshers

There are numerous opportunities for freshers to apply for ENOC jobs in Dubai for free. ENOC already has over 9,000 employees of various nationalities carrying out their duties. Newcomers to the company are greeted warmly and fully guided so that they understand their job and responsibilities as soon as possible.

ENOC Jobs in Dubai are open to all applicants, regardless of race, colour, or nationality. ENOC Company is interested in hiring you if you are a hard worker, honest/sincere, and qualified individual.

The ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company) is a Dubai government-owned company that operates in the oil, gas, and coal industries. ENOC was established in 1993 and is based in Dubai. ENOC established the first conventional oil refinery in 1999.

Driver Jobs in Dubai

ENOC Petrol Pump Jobs in Dubai

ENOC Petrol Pump Jobs in Dubai are also available. The ENOC is looking for a garage assistant, a garage shop assistant, a filling station attendant, and a petrol station attendant. The ENOC petrol station sales assistants or filling attendants work as cashiers and are in charge of cleaning up areas in front of customers.

In Dubai, all petrol and gas station cashiers work outside the forecourt. The ENOC gas station attendant is usually looking out the window. Every fuel filling attendant in ENOC petrol stations across Dubai performs the following basic duties:

  • Receiving money in the form of cash, credit card, or fuel card in exchange for fuel
  • Talk to customers in a narrative manner and pay special attention to their needs.
  • At all pumps and forecourts, be mentally prepared to deal with any emergency.
  • Keep the pumps and forecourts clean.
  • Taking delivery of fuel and monitoring all fuel storage areas

Accountant Jobs in Dubai

Emirates National Oil Company Jobs in Dubai 2023

Company:Emirates National Oil Company
Job Role:Selective
Career Level:Mid Career
Job Type:Full Time
Min. Education:Higher Secondary / Bachelor Degree
Job Category:ENOC Dubai Job Vacancies
Min. Experience:1-2 Years
Job Location:Dubai
Salary:AED 2000-8000
Benefits:Excellent Government Jobs Benefits
Hiring By:ENOC Company

How To Apply For ENOC Careers Dubai?

The process of applying for ENOC Jobs in Dubai is very simple and straightforward. To apply for ENOC Careers, simply upload your CV and other supporting documents to the ENOC Careers website. You can see the most recent jobs on ENOC’s LinkedIn page by clicking the Apply Now button below. Look for and apply for jobs that interest you.

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