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First Abu Dhabi Bank Jobs 2024

If you want a good job with opportunities, think about FAB Bank Careers at First Abu Dhabi Bank. FAB is a trusted bank in the UAE. It helps people, small businesses, big companies, and groups. FAB also gives advice on money, like real estate, capital markets, and more. Don’t miss the chance to look at and apply for jobs at First Abu Dhabi Bank.

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About First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) is in Khalifa Business Park, Abu Dhabi. It’s the biggest bank in the United Arab Emirates. It started on July 3, 2016. It came from First Gulf Bank (FGB) and National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD). FAB is all around the world, in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa (EAMEA). It has two parts: Corporate and Investment Banking and Personal Banking. They have lots of money services and things.

FAB is a big money helper in the UAE. It gives money services to people in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman too. Helps with money for things like houses and credit cards. It also helps small businesses get money and helps new businesses start.

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For rich people and groups, like pension funds, FAB helps with money and advice. FAB has many branches and offices to help people in the area. FAB wants to be the best bank for business, with good service and smart ways.

FAB Jobs 2024

First Abu Dhabi Bank is a big bank in the UAE. It wants to give the best service to people. This is a job posting for people who want to work at First Abu Dhabi Bank. We will talk about jobs at the bank and how to apply. First Abu Dhabi Bank has lots of money services, like savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and more. Here are some jobs at FAB Bank that you can apply for:

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  1. Accountant Jobs at Abu Dhabi Bank: Accountants help with money reports, checking, and making sure the money is safe. They write down what happens with money, so everything is clear.
  2. Auditing and Accounting Officer: These accountants check and watch money reports.
  3. Tax Analysts: These people help with taxes, for businesses and people. They look at the money to know how much tax to pay.
  4. Marketing and Public Relations Jobs: The bank’s marketing team makes ads and talks about the bank. They also talk to people about the bank in a good way.
  5. Marketing Officer: This person makes and uses ads and talks about the bank.
  6. Public Relations Officer: This person helps make the bank look good and talks to the media. They also talk to people about the bank.
  7. Consumer Relations Officer: These people listen to people’s problems and help with money things.
  8. Banking and Financial Services Analyst Jobs: These people look at money to make sure it’s safe and good.
  9. Risk Management Officer: This person knows a lot about risks and helps the bank be safe.
  10. Risk and Compliance Officer: This person makes sure the bank follows all the rules and helps with problems.
  11. Branch Manager: This person leads a bank branch and helps with money services.

FAB Careers 2024: Details

Company:First Abu Dhabi Bank
Job Position(s):Multiple Vacancies
Career Level:Mid Career
Job Type:Full Time
Min. Education:Bachelor’s Degree
Job Category:Banking Jobs in UAE
Minimum Experience:1 to 2 years of experience in the similar field
Job Location:Dubai
Country:United Arab Emirates
Salary:AED 3000-10000
Benefits:As Per UAE Law
Hiring By:EHSS.AE

How To Apply for FAB Careers

If you want to work at FAB, sign up and give your info online. Click the ‘Apply Now Online’ button below. Before you apply, make sure you have a good cover letter and a CV. Fill out the job form with the right info, including your email. They will send emails there. Good luck with your application!

Apply Now Online For FAB Careers

Also Send your CV / Resume at

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