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Azadea Careers UAE

Seeking Azadea Group Careers in Dubai 2023? Azadea Group is looking for both new and experienced candidates from any sector or industry in the UAE. There are numerous job opportunities available for students and recent graduates, as well as retail professionals and experienced managers.

Don’t leave if you want to advance your career with one of the top companies in the UAE. This job posting will show you how to submit a successful job application to Azadea Group Careers Dubai and Azadea Walk in Interview Jobs in UAE.

About Azadea Group UAE

Azadea Group is a premium lifestyle retail company in the Middle East and Africa that owns and operates over 40 leading international franchise concepts. Since its inception in 1978, the group has grown to include a large chain of stores that carry leading international brand names in fashion and accessories, food and beverages, home furnishings, sporting goods, multimedia and beauty, and cosmetics.

The company employs over 10,000 people and operates over 600 stores in 13 countries, including Algeria, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. It has a strong infrastructure.

Azadea’s prospects began in 1978 with a small shop and a slew of lofty goals.
The Azadea Group evolved from a clothing store in downtown Beirut that opened in 1978. We won our first international franchise only a few years later.

Soon after, the company began an expansion that included more than 40 of the world’s most popular brands and took it to the Middle East and Africa. Azadea now has over 600 stores in over a dozen countries and over 10,000 employees.

Why Should I Work With Azadea Group?

These are some of the advantages and benefits of working for Azadea Group Careers that encourage every candidate to join our team:

  • A dynamic multicultural environment in a well-established, stable company.
  • Retailer who is young, dynamic, and trendy.
  • A wide range of brands, business lines, locations, and job types are available, including full-time and part-time positions.
  • Competitive salary and commission packages, annual and seasonal bonuses, discount cards, medical insurance, and flexible vacation arrangements are all part of the attractive salary and benefit packages.
  • Individualized training and career development programmes.
  • Personal and professional development opportunities abound.
  • Practical experience with global exposure.
  • Employees are empowered and motivated to make a difference.
  • Team building and social activities to promote open and equal workplaces.
  • Azadea Foundation provides opportunities for all employees to participate in rewarding CSR work.
  • A specially designed mobile application – “Azadeans App” – to assist in bringing the community of
  • Azadeans together and expose them to the group’s various benefits, career development opportunities, and training programmes.

Vision and Business Model of Azadea Group UAE

Azadea’s business model encompasses nearly every phase of the retail industry in the UAE and over a dozen countries, so the Azadea Group Careers web portal offers a wide range and variety of positions.

Azadea Group believes that its employees are its single greatest source of added value, so we value them and work hard to retain deserving employees who have demonstrated exceptional performance and achievements.

The term “celebration” refers to the act of bringing together a group of people to celebrate something. They benefit from internal mobility across the breadth and depth of our operations, providing more opportunities for each team member to forge a successful career path. Every Azadean strives to be the best version of himself, and we assist him in doing so.

This entails investing in qualified employees who are committed to career development and growth, as well as developing their skills through a wide range of customised internal and external training. It opens up even more possibilities. It also refers to a transparent ecosystem in which we empower our people to achieve their goals by rewarding merit and providing equal opportunities to all.

Azadea Careers UAE: Job Description

Our expanding Middle East and African presence and franchise network. Azadea Group Careers offers three major career paths from which to choose your sector:

1- Retail

Azadea’s hundreds of stores in more than a dozen countries offer customers everything from the latest clothing and technology to unique home furnishings, sporting goods, and other lifestyle products.

You can try expert training and insider knowledge on the hottest men’s and women’s apparel, the best accessories, and other exciting products that define a modern lifestyle in the retail department.

Azadea Groups Careers offers a variety of positions in these stores, some of which are highlighted below.

  • Cashier
  • Manager’s Aide
  • Store Manager
  • Tailor
  • Sales Representative
  • Keeper of Inventory
  • Merchandiser (Visual)

2- Food & Beverage

Azadea also has a full menu of cafés and restaurants, with locations across the globe offering positions at every stage of a quality dining experience.

Azadea also offers a variety of job opportunities and services in cafes and restaurants. The majority of the time, the majority of the time, the majority of the time, the majority of the time.

F&B positions provide numerous opportunities for valuable new skills and experience, including:

  • Butcher
  • Cashier
  • Chef in the Kitchen
  • Commis
  • The following are the results of the survey.
  • Supervisor of the Floor
  • Waiter
  • Runner
  • Steward

3- Headquarters

Azadea’s main headquarters are in Lebanon, but regional headquarters are maintained through country offices in key markets such as the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. All of these corporate headquarters are looking for talented and resourceful individuals who can contribute to retail success by achieving a competitive advantage throughout business operations.

Because headquarters activities are critical to success across all business lines, all positions require ambitious performers with an infectious enthusiasm for:

  • Commercial (planning and brand management) (planning and brand management)
  • Operational (logistics, procurement, loss prevention, etc) (logistics, procurement, loss prevention, etc.)
  • Human Capital (recruitment, learning, and development, performance management, compensation, and benefits)
  • Marketing (brand marketing, corporate communication, graphic design) (brand marketing, corporate communication, graphic design)
  • Finance (accounting, inventory control, etc) (accounting, inventory control, etc.)
  • Customer Support
  • Information Technology
  • Business Expansion
  • Property Management
  • Management of a Country/Market
  • Administration
  • Internal Controls
  • Legal

Azadea Careers Dubai 2023

Company:Azadea Group Holding
Job Category:Retail / Supermarket
Career Level:Mid Career
Education:High School Diploma / Secondary
Language(s):English is a must
Job Location:Dubai & Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Job Type:Full Time
Work Experience:1-2 Years
Salary:AED 3000-5000

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How to Apply for Azadea Group Careers?

  1. To apply for Azadea Group Careers Dubai, you must first create a professional resume/CV and job cover letter.
  2. Convert all of your qualifications and CV from paper to individual.doc or.pdf files.
  3. Now, click the “Apply Online Now” button to the right to be taken to the Azadea website.
  4. Jobs web portal where you can browse all the new job openings.
  5. When you click Apply, you will be prompted to register.
  6. Once you’ve registered, apply for the job you want and follow the instructions and requirements.

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