Emirates Draw Game Rules & Regulations

These “Regulations” describe the many policies and guidelines that are applicable when You take part in the Emirates Draw Raffle and Ball Draw games. You must also consent to be bound by all of the terms and conditions given below, as well as by Emirates Draw’s privacy policy, in order to take part in the raffle and ball draw games.

Top Headings:

1. Game Entry

Service cost

AED 50 (Fifty Dirhams) or any other amount that Emirates may from time to time designate will be the price for each Emirates Draw Good or Service.


You get one free entry into the Draw for every product or service you buy through Emirates Draw.


To be eligible for the Draw, you must:

A) Must be 18 or older when making a purchase.
B) Neither the law of your home jurisdiction nor the law of the country into which you are travelling prohibits you from entering.
C) In addition, you cannot be an employee, management, immediate family member of Emirates Draw, a third party, a contractor, or a person on a sanctions list.


Entries that have been accepted will receive email and platform notifications. A push notice can also be issued in addition.


You can only access the game using the “credits” in your wallet balance. Credit returns are forbidden by banking legislation in the UAE.

2. Draw

Time selection

Emirates will determine the Draw’s date, time, and format. The Raffle and Ball Draw will take place every Sunday at about 9 p.m. (Gulf Standard Time). However, on certain occasions, this timing might change (e.g., Ramadan).


Additionally, a Ball Draw Machine and a Random Number Generator with international accreditation will be used for the drawings.

Conduct of Draw

The Draw Manager, an Insurance Representative, or a Government Representative will conduct each draw.


A fresh Draw will be held to determine the Winning Numbers if any Draw is declared invalid.

3. Results


Every prize from the Ball Draw and Raffle is added to the customer’s Winning Balance.


The Winning Numbers will be posted on the Platform and by the Emirates Draw Customer Service Center as soon as practicable following each Draw. Furthermore, Emirates may decide to reveal the Winning Numbers.


You are not entitled to compensate for any errors that may appear in any notice or publication.


If the final confirmed number of winning entries changes from the first stated number of provisional winning Entries, the prize money owed to winners may change.

4. Winning the prize

Winning numbers

The drawn winning numbers are valid for both the Raffle and Ball drawings.

Match prizes

If you win a Match Five Prize, for instance, you will only get the Match Five Prize. (No prizes for matches of four, three, two, or one.)


Rounding up every award to the nearest AED (One Dirham).


Prize winners will be notified via push notifications and in-platform communications.

5. Prizes Payment

Customer’s Authentication

As a result, before giving away a reward, Emirates Draw may verify a customer’s identity.

Award allocation

Only the official Winning Numbers of the applicable Draw recorded in accordance with Emirates Draw’s Rules will be used by Emirates to determine Prize awards.


Any Prize paid to a fictitious account holder is not the responsibility or liability of Emirates.


Never will a Prize be of interest.


Last but not least, you must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Emirates if you wish to play safely and orderly.

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