KFC Menu Prices in UAE Updated 2023

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a global fast-food chain known for its fried chicken and other signature dishes. The company has over 25,000 locations in over 150 countries.

In this blog post, we will provide you with the latest KFC menu prices in UAE 2023. We will also discuss some of the most popular items on the menu and offer tips on how to save money on your next KFC meal.

KFC Menu in UAE

The KFC menu is organized into a variety of categories to cater to different tastes and preferences. These categories include Classic Chicken Meals, Signature Sandwiches, Family Buckets, Snackable Sides, Beverages, and Irresistible Desserts. Let’s take a closer look at each of these categories to discover the tempting offerings they have in store.

KFC Deals Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
11/11 BucketAED111
Double BucketAED135
Super Dinner Meal – MediumAED32.5
Mighty Zinger Box- MediumAED35
Twister Box – MediumAED25
21 Pcs Super BucketAED139

KFC Menu “For One” Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Mighty Zinger Box- MediumAED35
Mighty Zinger Box – LargeAED37.5
Zinger Box – MediumAED32
Zinger Box – LargeAED33
Twister Box – MediumAED25
Twister Box – LargeAED29
Dinner Meal – LargeAED30.5
Dinner Strips – MediumAED28
Dinner Strips – LargeAED30.5
Super Dinner Meal – MediumAED32.5
Super Dinner Meal – LargeAED35
Dinner Meal – MediumAED28
Chicken Rice Meal – LargeAED31
Chicken Rice Meal – MediumAED27
Supreme Meal – MediumAED27
Supreme Meal – LargeAED29
Mighty Zinger Meal – LargeAED30
Mighty Zinger Meal – MediumAED29
Zinger Meal – MediumAED25
Zinger Meal – LargeAED27
Twister Meal – MediumAED19
Twister Meal – LargeAED22

KFC “Sandwiches” Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Mighty ZingerAED18
Fillet SupremeAED16
Zinger SandwichAED16
Twister Max Sandwich – SpicyAED17
Twister Max Sandwich – OriginalAED17
Zinger SupremeAED16
Twister Sandwich – SpicyAED9
Twister Sandwich – OriginalAED9

KFC Menu “For Sharing” Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
11/11 BucketAED120
21 Pcs Super BucketAED139
15 Pcs Super BucketAED104
9 Pcs Super BucketAED82
Bucket 21 PcsAED132
Bucket 15 PcsAED97
Bucket 9 PcsAED71

KFC “Sides & Desserts” Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Loaded Fries FamilyAED18.5
Family Fries SpicyAED17
Pop Corn SmallAED8.5
Pop Corn LargeAED14
Rizo ArabiattaAED12
Rizo Pepper Chili SauceAED11.5
Garlic sauceAED2
Gravy SauceAED4
Colonel’s Signature SauceAED2
Cheddar SauceAED2
Sweet Chilli SauceAED2
Dynamite SauceAED2
Coleslaw Salad SmallAED9
Coleslaw Salad LargeAED15
Family FriesAED15
Large Fries SpicyAED11
Medium FriesAED9
Large FriesAED10
Medium Fries SpicyAED10
Chocolate CakeAED10
Pepsi LargeAED12
Pepsi MediumAED11
7Up LargeAED12
7Up MediumAED11
Mountain Dew MediumAED11
Mountain Dew LargeAED11
Mirinda LargeAED11
Mirinda MediumAED11
Diet Pepsi MediumAED11
Diet Pepsi LargeAED10.5
Mojito CrusherAED12.5

KFC Menu Most Popular Items:

The most popular items on the KFC menu in UAE include:

  • Zinger Burger
  • Twister
  • Mighty Zinger
  • Super 30
  • 24 PCs Double Bucket
  • Family Feast

Tips for Saving Money From KFC

Here are a few tips for saving money on your next KFC meal:

  • Look for coupons and discounts. KFC often offers coupons and discounts on its website and mobile app.
  • Order a combo meal. Combo meals are a great way to get a meal with a drink and side for a discounted price.
  • Take advantage of the KFC loyalty program. KFC has a loyalty program that rewards you with points for every meal you purchase. You can redeem these points for free food and other rewards.
  • Visit KFC during off-peak hours. KFC is typically busiest during the lunch and dinner hours. If you can, try to visit KFC during off-peak hours to avoid the crowds and save money.

Timing: Monday-Saturday 🕓 10:00am – 🕓 2:00am
Sunday 🕓 10:00am – 🕓 2:00am

Minimum Price: AED5.5

Maximum Price: AED139

Check Official website of KFC UAE to buy your meal.

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